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After that he declared that everyone should have a drop of whiskey from Pota Phadraig, or Patrick’s Pot, on his feast day. According to legend, Saint Patrick himself is responsible for all of the drinking that goes down on St. Paddy’s Day. The following 200 pages are in this category, out of approximately 306 total.

  • These psychological benefits of music are significant for those in recovery from addiction.
  • Furthermore, they send the message that recovery is possible, and success will come with sobriety.
  • This 90s tune reflects the phenomena of projecting love onto a relationship when you’re really just trying to fill a void.
  • “Antihuman – Drug” is the penultimate track on their debut album, Have a Nice Trip; in Russian, “drug” means friend, thus fueling Psychonaut 4’s pun.

Red Hot Chili Peppers lead vocalist Anthony Kiedis was kicked out of the band because of his heroin habit. Bassist Flea removed him from the band and indicated that Kiedis would only be allowed back if he could prove he was sober. Sometimes the person who is harshest with us is in fact our best friend. While there is no statistical proof, it has been suggested that a larger than a usual number of celebrities die at the age of 27. This list is just a few of the luminous musical talents that drugs and alcohol took too soon at age 27.

Exodus, “One Foot in the Grave” (Force of Habit,

Are you looking for a song that describes what it feels like to be a child of an alcoholic? In it, a son describes watching his father leave his graduation even before he receives his diploma. Children of alcoholics often tell how their parents aren’t there at pivotal moments in their lives. The song “Rehab” is not nearly as optimistic as “Going Through Changes.” In it, Machine Gun Kelly describes his and his significant other’s addictive lifestyle. The song begins, “Yeah, can we please start over, now that we’re both sober? As the story goes, Patrick walked into a local Howard Johnson and paid a visit to the bar before hitting the sack.

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George was known for his battles with cocaine and alcohol, constantly missing shows, and engaging the police in frequent chases because of his addiction problem. The first verse, ‘I don’t wanna play this game no more,’ shows his desire to get over drugs and make a fresh start. Like any recovering addict, James’ redemption journey is arduous. And the singer, not one to shy away from self-assessment, is willing to do everything to regain control of his life. ‘Recovery’ is a 2013 song that describes James Arthur’s recovery and redemption journey. Presumably out of guilt, the woman also commits suicide, drinking to death with the man’s picture in her hands.

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She accepts her mistakes and the pain it has caused her and her loved ones. And if the lyrics are anything to go by, Joe’s might be one of the most inspiring redemption journeys for any recovering addict. He admits that he needs help to overcome his addiction but just can’t do it all alone.

In her 1966 interpretation, her voice prowls around the song’s deliciously dark lyrics like a cat, and for the listener, intoxication is inevitable. Matt Maher’s “Love Comes Down” is a reminder that Jesus suffered for our sins. It is a song about forgiveness, about recognizing the awesomeness of God’s decision to sacrifice His only Son for us, and in 5 Tips to Consider When Choosing a Sober Living House finding forgiveness here on earth. It can be a powerful reminder that everyone, even the Son of God, was once brought low, and we can all rise up again in His light. It’s a reminder that you don’t need to be perfect to find God’s love. He accepts you as you are and gives you the freedom and the space to change and make yourself anew in His Grace.

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And he can’t stop blaming himself for losing a woman who truly cared for him. The scene is perfectly placed to reflect Eminem’s life, describing a period where drug abuse almost ended his inspiring music career. Our team of addiction medicine experts are compassionate and committed to making addiction treatment accessible, understandable, and affordable.

  • The soulful track describes Lady Gaga’s battles with addiction and other demons.
  • The artist describes the heartache he experienced when his mother didn’t come to visit as promised.
  • “Sober” is about wanting to feel uninhibited without resorting to drugs or alcohol.
  • Our addiction treatment program in the Los Angeles area offers all clients a variety of options and multiple program tracks so that each client’s individual needs are met.

To help you on your journey to recovery, check out these 30 songs about addiction, and overcoming it. Many people believe the rock song “Life is Beautiful” tells the story of Nikki Sixx. Co-founder, primary songwriter, and bassist of the rock band Motley Crew, Sixx almost lost his life to addiction.